Metal Spring Clip

  • Flat Metal Clips

    Flat Metal Clips

    Flat metal clips are constructed of high-quality materials for long-lasting service. Zinc plated for corrosion resistance.Our advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment allows us to complete even the most complicated of custom designs quickly and efficiently.Read More
  • Spring Steel Clip

    Spring Steel Clip

    Spring steel clip are manufactured from stainless steel.Offers excellent resistance against corrosion. Fooaima spring will serve and help with knowledge, expertise and cost-efficient production of your products.Read More
  • Metal Spring Clips

    Metal Spring Clips

    Metal spring clips are made from high-grade steel with strong,durable and corrosion resistance. It provides much prolonged life time and durability. Manufactured to Meet or Exceed O.E.M. specifications in function.Read More
  • Flat Spring Clip

    Flat Spring Clip

    Looking for flat spring clip?The hunt is over! Fooaima flat spring clip are made from high strength piano steel.Galvanized coating for long tern service. Provide excellent fit and reliable function. Fooaima has all the capabilities to custom meet or exceed all of your needs.Read More
  • Button Spring Clips

    Button Spring Clips

    Button spring clips are made of heat treated spring steel then zinc coated.Not easy to rust. It fits into an extenadable tent pole. Our button spring clips are available in many sizes and material.Read More
  • Tent Pole Spring Buttons

    Tent Pole Spring Buttons

    Tent pole spring buttons are made of hardened tempered spring steel. Ideal for anything from tent poles,paddles,trampolines, gazebos etc. Stretch resistant and will not lose its spring following rigorous use.Read More
  • Pole Spring Buttons

    Pole Spring Buttons

    Pole spring buttons are made from, attractive nickel-plated spring steel for long product life. They make an easy solid joint on demand between square or round tubes.Read More
  • Button Springs

    Button Springs

    Looking for button springs? The hunt is over! Fooaima manufacture button springs with “solid buttons” and “double buttons” to suit your needs. It used for many applications to fit all sections of tube- round / square / hexagonal etc.Read More
  • Locking Spring Clip

    Locking Spring Clip

    Locking spring clip are available in both single and double button versions.Made from stainless steel for long product life.Allow multiple sections of tubing to be assembled and adjusted. It used to connect or telescope two tubes, round or square.Read More
  • Tent Pole Clips

    Tent Pole Clips

    Tent pole clips are manufactured in hardened and tempered strip with zinc plated rivetted buttons. Replacement tent pole clips for push button handles. Help reduce assembly time while improving your product.Read More
  • Push Button Spring

    Push Button Spring

    Push button spring are made from spring steel,heat treated and zinc plated.Quickly snap into place in round or square tubing.Fit all sections of tube- round / square / hexagonal etc. Available in many sizes and material.Read More
  • Spring Button Clips

    Spring Button Clips

    Spring button clips are made of spring steel, which will resist stretching or losing its spring following rigorous use,not easy to rust. STRETCH RESISTANT and will not lose its spring following rigorous use.Read More
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Welcome to buy high quality metal spring clip from professional manufacturers and suppliers in China here. We are specialized in manufacturing custom made metal spring clip with reasonable price. For OEM service, contact us now.

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