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Effectively Reduce The Mechanical Vibration Of Springs
- Jun 26, 2018 -

It is annoying that spring machinery often vibrates during work. How to solve it effectively, the following suggestions are proposed in this paper.

1. Adopt vibration isolation measures, such as making the machine's motor and the bed body flexible to isolate the vibration of the motor itself; separate the hydraulic part from the machine tool; use hydraulic buffering device to reduce the impact of the parts when changing direction; use thick rubber and wood The machine tool is isolated from the foundation and the vibration isolation trench is used to separate the foundation of the equipment from the ground in order to prevent the surrounding vibration sources from being transmitted to the machine tool through the ground and the foundation.

2. Avoid the frequency of exciting force close to the natural frequency of the system to prevent resonance. For example, replace the motor speed or change the spindle speed to avoid the resonance area; use the method to improve the accuracy of the contact surface, reduce the roughness of the joint surface; eliminate the gap, improve the contact stiffness and other methods to improve the system stiffness and natural frequency.

3. Reduce or eliminate the excitation force of the vibration source. Parts with a rotation speed of 600r/min or more must be balanced. Especially for parts rotating at high speed, such as grinding wheels, the vibration of the spindle is likely to be caused by the uneven distribution of the sand itself and uneven wear of the surface during operation. The grinding wheel must be balanced twice before and after dressing. Improve the manufacturing accuracy and assembly accuracy of gears, especially improve the accuracy of the work stability of the gears, thereby reducing the vibration caused by periodic impact, and reduce noise; improve the precision of manufacturing and assembly of rolling bearings to reduce the defects of rolling bearings Caused by the vibration; choose the same length, uniform thickness of the belt and so on.

When the spring machinery vibrates during operation, we can take vibration isolation measures to avoid the close relationship between the frequency of the excitation force and the natural frequency of the system to prevent resonance and reduce or eliminate the exciting force of the vibration source. Reduce vibration.

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