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How To Clean The Stainless Steel Spring
- Jun 26, 2018 -

1. Immerse the stainless steel spring in a plastic container diluted with clean water and diluted with a clean water (1:1 or 1:2). The time is the same as that of the spring surface. Metal color is appropriate, soaking time should not be too long, remove and wash with water. This will have a matte effect on the surface of the stainless steel spring.

2. The cleaning agent A is placed in a vibratory polisher with a coarse abrasive or a spring or in a hexagonal drum (the volume ratio of the spring to the coarse abrasive is preferably 1:3, and the amount of the cleaning agent is 1% to 2% of the weight of the spring). ) After grinding and polishing, wash with clean water. The scratches on the surface of the spring will disappear and the surface finish of the spring will be improved. However, the spring with high precision and easy to be wound should not use this method.

Cleaning considerations:

When washing, be careful not to scratch the surface. Avoid the use of bleaching agents and abrasive-containing cleaning fluids, steel balls (brush roller balls), and abrasive tools. In order to remove the washing liquid, rinse the surface with clean water at the end of washing.

cleaning method:

Dust and easy removal of dirt Use soap, weak lotion, or wash in warm water. Labels and masks are scrubbed with lukewarm water and weak detergents. Contaminated fats, oils, and lubricants are wiped with a mild cloth or paper and then washed with neutral detergent. Agent or ammonia solution or special detergent for washing

Spring the stainless steel spring:

The brightener B is placed in a vibratory polisher or hexagonal drum with coarse abrasives (the ratio of the volume of the spring to the fine abrasive is 1:3, and the amount of the brightener B is about 1% to about 2% of the weight of the spring. The longer the light, the brighter. After polishing, remove it and wash it with water to dry it. The surface of the stainless steel spring, such as nickel plating, is bright and shining and will never fade.

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