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Why Is The Spring Surface So Rough?
- Jun 26, 2018 -

There are often customers who ask why springs have not been smooth enough on the surface in the past. In response to this problem, the spring's customer service staff will usually patiently explain to the customer that we can achieve a smooth and beautiful appearance, but the cost and process will increase, and then according to the customer's use of the area is reasonable to suggest whether the customer plus to make the surface smooth Craftsmanship.

In fact, in the process of springs customized springs, in fact, the entire process is very complex, such as appearance, the most direct appearance of the surface, some high-demand springs, used in the surface of the product, you need to go through the polishing and cleaning process to achieve close The perfect appearance Dongguan Spring in order to ensure its performance and beauty requirements, so this polishing process is indispensable, this is a very critical process, the general needs of attention to what issues?

What the primary spring knows is that, generally speaking, in the outgoing spring, its appearance may have many flaws or the presence of burrs. Professional polishing personnel are required to pass professional equipment and tools (various fine cloth wheels or fiber wheels), followed by In the process of operation, cleaning is generally required. However, this method and the liquid are different from our normal cleaning operations, and are generally pickling methods. Therefore, the risk is very large, and the cleaning is The degree of completeness is also a strict standard. In general, not only is the cleaning uniform, but also a little oil on the exterior cannot be left behind, and the flatness and beauty of the surface of the spring material must be guaranteed.

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