• Shaker Bottle Spring

    Shaker Bottle Spring

    We supply shaker bottle spring which made of food grade rustless 304 stainless steel. They are safe and environmental protection, reusable and healthy. Fooaima Spring will work with you to create an effective shaker bottle spring design for your application.Read More
  • Metal Compression Spring

    Metal Compression Spring

    Our metal compression spring is made of galvanized steel for superior durability and performance. They are heat-treated, shot peened and stress relieved for long-lasting. We offer spring at a best price and great performance. They can be customized to meet or exceed all of...Read More
  • Metal Compression Springs

    Metal Compression Springs

    Metal compression springs are made from high quality materials. They are designed for lasting performance. We producing springs on high-speed equipment at a cost-efficient price.Size can be manufactured to your requirements.Read More
  • Buffer Spring

    Buffer Spring

    We custom made high quality buffer spring in different size. Buffer Spring is a new spring will help with reliability and function. Design for added coils provide superior bendability for ensures durability and longevity. Guarantees excellent fit and reliable operation.Read More
  • Glock Magazine Spring

    Glock Magazine Spring

    We produce glock magazine springs on high-speed equipment using the latest quality-control technologies. These springs are perfect replace broken or loose ones. Provides much prolonged life time and durability and offers excellent resistance against corrosion.Read More
  • Bending Spring

    Bending Spring

    We fabricate bending spring with galvanized steel for long lasting use.Added coils provide superior bendability and guarantees excellent fit and reliable operation. You can COLD bend rigid PVC pipe without your pipe collapsing or fracturing. Save time and money!Read More
  • Miniature Springs

    Miniature Springs

    Miniature springs are easily and efficiently produced on our state of the art CNC equipment. Made of galvanized steel offers excellent resistance against corrosion. High quality steel provides much prolonged life time and durability. Spring specifications can be customized at...Read More
  • Whisk Ball

    Whisk Ball

    We produce whisk ball on high-speed equipment using the latest quality-control technologies. Designed with high quality rust free 304 stainless steel.With shaker bottle/cup, makes your nutrition dissolve more totally and quickly.Read More
  • Shaker Ball

    Shaker Ball

    We custom made high quality shaker ball in different size. It’s a perfect ball replacement,no need to buy another expensive protein shake bottle. Made of food grade rustless 304 stainless steel. Fooaima offers a total cost approach, thereby offering cost efficient shaker ball...Read More
  • Blender Ball

    Blender Ball

    We manufacture blender ball for several companies in a variety of designs. Our blender ball are made of high-quality stainless steel,which is strong, durable and big enough to get the job done. It’s multi purpose designed for any liquids. pre, intra and post workout formulas...Read More
  • Spring Bender

    Spring Bender

    Spring bender is constructed from durable stainless steel,will not get rust. We offer spring bender at reasonable prices, durable, can be custom in different sizes. All products has been strictly QC in factory before packingRead More
  • Door Closer Spring

    Door Closer Spring

    Our professional engineers along with years of experience in spring and wire forms helps us optimize our door closer spring solutions for each individual customer based on their situation and requirements.This door closer spring keeps all doors closed and zinc Plated offers...Read More
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