• Spring Door Closer

    Spring Door Closer

    Spring door closer can be customized in a zinc/silver finish and more. Heavy duty weatherproof adjustable tension spring gate door closer. We manufactured to meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications in function. It works on all your standard doors in almost and offers a total...Read More
  • Spring Door Stop

    Spring Door Stop

    Spring door stop is made of tempered spring wire then zinc plated finish, with heat treatment provides for the best performance and quality.Guarantees excellent fit and reliable operation. Designed to automatically close gates and doors with self closing spring.Read More
  • Hair Remover Spring

    Hair Remover Spring

    We custom made high quality hair remover spring in different size. hair remover spring are made from high grade stainless steel for long lasting performance. It’s an easy, painless tool for facial hair remover,can be customized on your specific needs.Read More
  • Pen Spring

    Pen Spring

    We produce pen spring on high-speed equipment using the latest quality-control technologies. These springs are perfect replace a lost or damaged spring. Made to tight tolerances and stringent quality control standards. We can designed & manufactured by experienced engineers...Read More
  • Small Coil Springs

    Small Coil Springs

    We offer high quality small coil springs at the most competitive prices. Spring made from spring steel wire that makes it resistant to corrosion. With zinc plated ensures durability and long life even under most challenging conditions.We can help to develop Samples free for...Read More
  • Taper Springs

    Taper Springs

    Taper springs are made from high quality steel to improved brake spring life.With galvanized finish for added metal protection. Springs are designed & manufactured by experienced engineers. Samples are available upon request.Read More
  • Metal Coil Springs

    Metal Coil Springs

    Small coil springs are made of 14-gauge steel and are chrome plated for hot looks. With heat treatment provides for the best performance and quality. The spring ends have no sharp edges.Designs and provides standard and custom small coil springs for various applicationsRead More
  • Mounting Springs

    Mounting Springs

    We offer a variety of mounting springs for a range of applications.They are made of premium quality german piano wire,with heat treatment provides for the best performance and quality. We manufactured springs to tight tolerances and stringent quality control standards.Read More
  • Small Metal Springs

    Small Metal Springs

    Our small metal springs are made of metal, so it's much stronger.High polish zinc plating, chrome look & prevents rust.We guarantee both our quality and on time delivery of shipments.Our prices stay very competitive in the market.Read More
  • Mechanical Springs

    Mechanical Springs

    Our mechanical springs are manufactured exclusively with high quality. With nickel coating to reduce effects from environment. We designed and manufactured by experienced engineers to fit your specific needs. Our sales pitch is WITH US YOUR MONEY IN SAFE YOUR BUSINESS IN SAFE.Read More
  • Gate Closer Spring

    Gate Closer Spring

    Fooaima custom made gate closer spring from high tensile steel then coated for weatherproof & rust resistant.Ideal for closet doors,bedroom closet doors, bathroom closet doors and more. They can be Safely and easily installed without completely removing the hinge removal.Read More
  • Stainless Steel Spring

    Stainless Steel Spring

    Stainless steel spring are easily and efficiently produced on our state of the art CNC equipment. They are made from high strength piano steel, galvanized coating for long tern service. Can be manufactured to meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications in function.Read More
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