• Heavy Duty Compression Springs

    Heavy Duty Compression Springs

    We offer a variety of heavy duty compression springs for a range of applications. All our heavy duty compression springs are constructed of high strength steel materials with galvanized coating for long tern service.Read More
  • Extension Coil Spring

    Extension Coil Spring

    These springs are known as the footrest release spring and are the main springs that operate the recliner. They are perfect fit direct replacement for recliner. Each hook end has a plastic coating for noise reduction.Read More
  • Door Handle Springs

    Door Handle Springs

    Door handle springs are much harder wearing than others so will last the test of time. Replacement reversible return spring to suit left or right handed door handles.They can be used on both right handed and left handed door handles.Read More
  • Wire Form Springs

    Wire Form Springs

    Fooaima can rapidly manufacture a custom wire form springs, designed to your specifications. Made of high strength steel materials and galvanized coating for long tern service.Wire form springs are commonly used for aviation,motorbike,medical and more.Read More
  • CNC Wire Forms

    CNC Wire Forms

    CNC Wire Forms are build of strong spring steel, electro polishing for Cold Weather Crack-Resistant. Our products are manufacture according ISO9001 standard.We have used that experience to develop very efficient, cost effective processes for manufacturing cnc wire forms.Read More
  • Spiral Springs

    Spiral Springs

    Spiral springs are made from 301 high yield stainless steel.Short initial pretension to provide rated load at short extension.Used to obtain a large amount of torque through a small amount of rotation. We can supply standard or custom spiral springs designs.Read More
  • Resistance Springs

    Resistance Springs

    As a leading manufacturer for various kinds of resistance springs,we have been in providing professional solutions in spring and wire forms since 1992.And we are designated as IKEA’s spring supplier for more than 10 years.Read More
  • Battery Spring Contacts

    Battery Spring Contacts

    Fooaima Spring can help with expert advice about how to solve battery spring contacts problems and reduce risk. We provide Our specialist knowledge to our clients to give them competitive advantage in the marketplace.Read More
  • Stainless Steel Compression Springs

    Stainless Steel Compression Springs

    We offer a variety of stainless steel compression springs for a range of applications. All our compression springs are constructed of high-quality materials for long-lasting service. We trust that our quality and price will give you and edge over your competitors.Read More
  • Helical Coil Spring

    Helical Coil Spring

    We supply helical coil spring with Galvanized coating for long tern service. Made from high quality steel to improved helical coil spring life and efficiently produced on our state of the art CNC equipment. We can do short lead times for you.Read More
  • Small Compression Springs

    Small Compression Springs

    Fooaima custom made small compression springs with Zinc Plated offers excellent resistance against corrosion. Springs are made of high strength Steel materials for long tern service. They can guarantees excellent fit and reliable operation and all orders built to your...Read More
  • Small Conical Springs

    Small Conical Springs

    Our small conical springs are made from high quality materials.Which provide much prolonged life time and durability. With coating,offers excellent resistance against corrosion and guarantees excellent fit and reliable operation. All orders built to your specifications.Read More
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