We can custom manufacture springs,extension springs, torsion springs,small springs and metal springs to your exact specifications using modern CNC machines.
  • Epistick


    Epistick is an easy, painless tool to remove facial hair. They are carefully designed, excellent for use.Made of stainless steel for anti-corrosion. They can be customized on your specific needs. Fooaima offers a total cost approach.Read More
  • Barrel Compression Springs

    Barrel Compression Springs

    Our barrel compression springs are manufactured from Stainless Steel. Barrel compression springs will not rust in the harsh marine environment. They are ground at both ends to ensure straight, consistent and accurate operation. Fooaima can customized sizes as per the...Read More
  • Wood Stove Spring Handles

    Wood Stove Spring Handles

    BBQ Heavy Duty wood stove spring handles are made from high polish zinc plating,chrome look & prevents rust. They are design for durability and long working life .Work great for customized BBQ Grills, Smokers, Pits, Fireplaces and Wood Stoves.Read More
  • Spring Handle for Smoker

    Spring Handle for Smoker

    This spring handle is a direct OEM replacement for all of our full size models.Made from high polish zinc plating,chrome look & prevents rust.Fooaima produce spring handle to guarantees excellent fit and reliable operation.Read More
  • Precision Compression Springs

    Precision Compression Springs

    Our precision compression springs are made from high-grade steel. Heat treatment provides for the best performance and quality.We offer at reasonable prices, durable for using. Fooaima manufacture precision compression springs in a whole variety of shapes and sizes.Read More
  • Precision Coil Springs

    Precision Coil Springs

    Our precision coil springs are constructed of high-quality materials for long-lasting service. With zinc plated finish to prevent rusting.Being the manufacturer we can make any sizes to suit custom jobs and we can offer samples free for your testing.Read More
  • Pressure Springs

    Pressure Springs

    Our pressure springs are constructed from nickel material offers excellent resistance against corrosion. We offers at a low-cost effective and load deflection test reports. All our spring are designed & manufactured by experienced engineers to fit your specific needs.Read More
  • Copper Coil Spring

    Copper Coil Spring

    Our coil spring are manufacture of mild steel and copper to prevent corrosion. Springs are manufactured to tight tolerances and stringent quality control standards. And all our products are tested to prove durability.Read More
  • CB Antenna Spring

    CB Antenna Spring

    cb antenna Spring are made of high quality spring steel. Springs are chrome plated for weather and rust resistant. They are super heavy-duty spring and easy, tool-free install. Securely mount to a vertical surface and work well with large antennas.Read More
  • Whip Antenna Spring

    Whip Antenna Spring

    Whip antenna spring are made of high grade stainless steel for weather and rust resistant. They are design for long working time and easy to install, tool-free.Our state-of-the-art operations allow us to rapidly produce custom whip antenna spring with strict compliance to...Read More
  • Stainless Steel Antenna Spring

    Stainless Steel Antenna Spring

    Fooaima construction made heavy duty stainless steel spring for long lasting.The stainless steel antenna Spring is well made with ample flexibility and design for protect the antenna, mount and vehicle. Being the manufacturer we can make any sizes to suit custom jobsRead More
  • Heavy Duty Antenna Spring

    Heavy Duty Antenna Spring

    Our heavy duty antenna spring are made of high grade stainless steel. Springs design for protect the antenna, mount and vehicle. They are rust and weather-resistant for durability come rain or shine. We advice on dimensions, quality, and all other requirement for any purpose...Read More
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