Wire Forms

Fooaima Spring has the capacity to manufacture springs and wire forms from .008 inches to .750 inches in wire diameter.
  • Wire Spring Hose Clamps

    Wire Spring Hose Clamps

    Wire spring hose clamps are build of high-grade stainless steel spring. They are anti-corrosion, explosion-proof and leak proof. Fooaima manufactured wire spring hose clamps to meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications in function.Read More
  • Wire Hose Clamps

    Wire Hose Clamps

    Wire hose clamps are made of high strength steel for long tern service. Zinc Plated offers excellent resistance against corrosion.Easily protect your garden hose with this spiral hose protector.Easy to use and just one hand.Read More
  • Cotter Pin

    Cotter Pin

    Cotter Pin are fabricated by 100% brand new and high quality,made of round wire of a harder metal than is appropriate for traditional cotter pins.Easier to remove and are re-usable.Suitable for a wide range of securing and fixing purposes.Read More
  • Roofing Clips

    Roofing Clips

    Developing with more than ten types of roof clips,Fooaima clips are the best choice for fixing roof tile. Our clips are manufactured from galvanized steel,rust-proof and made to last the lifetime of the roof. Suitable for most profiles of clay and concrete roof tiles.Read More
  • T Post Clips

    T Post Clips

    T post clips are heavy duty - manufactured from stronger steel.Galvanized to provide strength and superior corrosion resistance. They can secure and support T post or Stakes.Provides strength and stability to the chain link system. Easy to use and just one hand.Read More
  • Post Clips

    Post Clips

    Fooaima custom manufacture high quality post clips for fast and easy attachment for fence or barbed wire to posts. Our post clips can be easily installed,therefore reduce cost and labor,increase your work efficiency for long-tern service.Read More
  • T-post Clips

    T-post Clips

    Fooaima custom made low cost t-post clips perfect for secure T-posts or or Stakes.Clips are made from durable steel construction with a galvanized finish to anti-corrosion. Our T-post clips are 5 times faster and more secure.Read More
  • T-Post Wire Clips

    T-Post Wire Clips

    Fooaima custom manufacture economical and high efficient t-post wire clips to fasten fence or barbed wire to posts. T-post wire clips are made from a galvanized steel for added corrosion resistance. Holds up in tough weather conditions and secure very tight.Read More
  • T-Post Fence Clip

    T-Post Fence Clip

    Fooaima T-post fence clips are made from heavily galvanized wire with adequate corrosion protection.These clips are cost efficient and ensure a strong hold on the fence. They are five times faster and more secure than the old-style clipsRead More
  • Headlight Clip

    Headlight Clip

    Headlight light bulb replacement clip are built of galvanized steel for long lasting use. It’s easy to use and just one hand and can be customized on your specific needs. As a trusted headlight clip manufacturer, we have offered great prices,high quality and total customer...Read More
  • Roof Tile Clips

    Roof Tile Clips

    Fooaima have been supplied professional solution for roofing clips for 10 more years.Our clips are manufactured to high quality Australian standards. Available in galvanised steel and stainless steel withstand rust and corrosion.Read More
  • Retaining Spring Clips

    Retaining Spring Clips

    Fooaima manufacture retaining spring clips in a whole variety of shapes and sizes.Made of high quality steel,will not rust in the harsh marine environment.They are easy to install and can be reused. Can be customized on your specific needs.Read More
Welcome to buy high quality wire forms from professional manufacturers and suppliers in China here. We are specialized in manufacturing custom made wire forms with reasonable price. For OEM service, contact us now.

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