Custom Manufacturing

We can custom manufacture springs and wire forms to your exact specifications using modern CNC machines.

Technical Assistance

Fooaima team will work with your engineers, offering technical assistance to help lower costs and providing suggestions so that our parts will perform as desired.

Fast Sampling

We will put your prototype on the fast track so that you’re able to continue working on your new project as quickly as possible. 

Secondary Process&Finish

From heat treating to plating to grinding and more, our array of custom spring and wire forms secondary processes and finishing services leads the industry.

Packing Solutions

We work with customers to develop custom packaging solutions based on their situation and requirements.


Fooaima also offers a complete line of spring assembly services, to maximize product performance and prepare parts for use in various customer applications.



Wire Forms

Wire Forms

Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping

Do you have problems in any of the following areas?

- Spring fatigue and failures, durability & relaxation
- Satisfying the need for downsized, lightweight vehicles
- Development of new low carbon technology

If you reply YES to any one of those questions.

Fooaima Spring will be the solution partner that we can help with expert advice about how to solve such spring problems and reduce risk.
We provide our specialist knowledge to our clients to give them competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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